The easiest way to produce a Sung jingle?

Hey guys! So my question is “What is the easiest way to produce a sung jingle?” I mean I know that you can create one from the ground up using daws like a Logic pro, Ableton etc, but it will require a lot of effort in order to create something nice and catchy and a lot of time to learn the software. I guess that’s the better way, yet the harder way too.

Is there a way to produce a sung jingle using a track from Envato library or Epidemic sound and then just buy a singer who will sing on the top of the track? Has anyone do that ever? I’m curious and I would like to ask a couple of questions.

I saw many videos from @Mike about producing a sung jingle, but there is always a preproduced (if I can call it so) piece of audio and the voices are just layered on the top.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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To make a sung jingle you need a producer who will be able to write a melody for the singer for the track you have selected. So yes you can use any track but the key in all this is the skill of the producer to create something decent out of it :slight_smile:

Hi Mihael,
Using ableton lite in combination with a Novation Launcpad is not to difficult to produce a nice sound, and pretty easy to learn. I make my radio jingles for the local broadcasting this way. There are almost all standard instruments in the package. only thing is to find someone with a great voice to sing. I use local members of the Church Choir! So no costs for that. The final track I make the same way Mike Russel does in Adobe Audition. with multitrack file. In short, create a sound in ableton, record it , save it as a .wav. or flag or mp3 file. Let the singer sing the text and record it also. Final step put both files into Audition and play with filters and volume. to create the amazing home made jingle!


This is the perfect way to produce a Sung jingle. If you are a producer then it can more easily.

You can hire vocalists online if you have prepared the melody, lyrics and know the style you want it sung in. You can also use something like Synthesizer V (or Vocaloid), which is a virtual vocalist, but it’s quite a long-winded process and limited in singing style, so probably best used for creating a guide vocal track rather than the finished version.