The Adobe Audition Effect You Couldn't Live Without

There are so many great effects in Adobe Audition CC. I want to know the one Adobe Audition effect and/or preset that you couldn’t live without. Leave a reply with your answer.

It would have to be the Subtle Clarity preset inside the Mastering effect for me.

When you’ve created something that sounds great. All your levels are in the right place and it’s sounding good sometimes you need that extra boost! That’s where Effects > Special > Mastering comes in. Then select Subtle Clarity under the presets dropdown.

You can easily turn a good production piece into something that sounds great using this effect.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on under the hood:


Peaking Enable is on for the 2033 Hz frequency this is a beautiful yet subtle boost to your overall sound.


20% is enough to add polish but not enough to be overly noticeable or “wash out” your sound.


15% worth of Retro exciter is great to add a warm and subtle high end frequency improvement.


Let’s make the final production 30% “more stereo” :smiley:

Loudness Maximizer

Use this with caution. It’s an audio compressor on steroids! 15% is more than enough to flatten out any obscure peaks.


Hey Mike,
I’ve use this effect a lot. Is it best to apply this to an already eq’d vocal for a better sound?


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I find it lifts everything up on a final mix. I wouldn’t necessarily apply this to vocal tracks on their own.

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Okay good to know. well im glad i added it to my vocal after i eq and added some compression. it made the vocals cleaner, warmer and full. I like that you can also add a simple reverb using this effect too. so just to be clear applying this preset to the entire mix results in better sound of the overall?

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