Suggestion For Stream

Hi @Mike. Liking the new format. I did manage to watch virtually all the hour shows either live or on You Tube, but it was a fairly time commitment.

I have been tempted with your new pre-set, but I’d love to see out the box, what would happen if I bought it. Literally from install to dropping files in; i.e do you bounce to a new track for the master bus…all that granular detail I’d find very interesting…let me know. The feature yesterday was cool, but just think if you could strip it back further still, it may be neat. Also, show a bit of the tutorial vids etc that come along with…

If they are super simple to install etc set up, it would be great to see.

ATB best and thanks


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Thanks for the feedback @David! You can be sure I’ll cover the Pro Podcast Presets in more detail on future streams :slight_smile: