Sudden DBX 286s distortion issue

Hi All,

I have had this device for about a year & a half. The mic is an EV-RE20. Everything has been working wonderful until this morning. Suddenly I get distortion on the mic now. No idea why. No settings on the 286s have been changed. I’m thinking that the 286s is failing. I tried another mic, still have the same weird distortion.

Any ideas?


Hi Rob,
You did not mention it , but did you try it with another mike cable? Maybe in your current mike cable one of the wires is loose in the plug or one of the wires inside the cable is broken, if so it can give distortion. If you have XLR or jackplugs plugs on it, you can open them and see what is wrong inside, even a small piece of wire that is getting in contact with one of the other poles can give problems. This is what I would do, change the cable or check current cable.
Good luck


I would try and bypass the 286 altogether (I ended up selling mine) I bet if it removes your distortion, you may find you get a cleaner sound without it.