Spreaker audio with Live Video Stream

Hello everybody

I’m primarily a DJ and I find myself in a situation where I am trying to use my DJ kit to run an online radio station… arghh. Defo too much for one person … co-host is keen but … well you know Producers right ? :slight_smile:

I want to go back to basics and rely more heavily on Spreaker - it’s pretty damn cool - also as I have just signed up for ads.

My question is: how would you advise running a Live Video Stream online along with Spreaker providing the audio?

Question 1: Can OBS pick up the audio from Spreaker?

Also Facebook Vs YouTube for Live Video Stream … I have also just signed up for ads with YouTube.

If copyright is big bee in your bonnet: I have full owners consent to stream their music unlimited, royalty free. I have been blessed in that respect. Should the ads take off, then we will obvs get a MCPS license and stretch our legs a bit more.

Anyway … any useful advice for the simplest approach to what i want to achieve would be wonderful

Thanks for the questions @mrhayman. Have you considered streaming to both Spreaker and YouTube/Facebook at the same time?

How are you streaming to Spreaker? Desktop or via the mobile app? If you have DJ kit you could route one output to the Spreaker app and another output (if you have it) to PC/Mac and use OBS to send the same stream out live.

My preference is for live streaming on YouTube but it depends where your audience is and what matters to you. YouTube gives me high quality viewing statistics and I love the live chat and moderation options on YouTube.