Special MIC Eq Track Missinig

Hi I can’t find the MIC Special Equalised tracks as per your video.
Moreover I get a rough 1sec latency in monitoring my voice in real time.
Best regards

Hi Claudio, could you please let me know which presets are you using and what EQ track are you referring to? I will do my best to help from there.

Hi @ClayCas - depending on which presets you are using you may need to change the view using [SHIFT] and 1 through to 5. Each number will display different tracks.

The Pro Podcast Presets, for example, will show mic EQ tracks when you hit [SHIFT] & 5.

As for latency this is, unfortunately, a limitation with Adobe Audition. The more effects that are added the greater the latency. Even if you disable effects but leave them in the rack disabled it causes an impact.

Hi Mike,

I use the MRC v3.0.sesx file preset downloaded from your site; I received an email after the payment to download and it seems to me that there is only one preset in your shop to buy… thus I don’t understand when you say "depending on which presets you are using…”

Got it the Adobe limit but I think another one is that it cans “see” just one USB mic at time… in other words I cannot rout Yeti to channel one and Rode USB to channel 2… crazy…

BTW I need a realtime effect bank each mic I will go to use… is there any suggestion you can give me?

Many thanks in advance.

Makes sense. Yes, to record more than one USB mic you’ll need to use one of these (PC or Mac) workarounds…

This is a cool live soundboard I tested recently too:

Hi Mark, great suggestion and very clear explanation! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
I succeeded using one Yet and one Rode NT USB… then I added two Rode NT USB Mini all of them working perfectly and… using Logic Pro X… almost no latency with 32byte buffer.
Again thank you for your support and you competence shared with all of us.
Best regards