Spanner alert - you have been warned!

RIGHT you rotten shower of unwashed and unemployed freeloaders.
I want to see some heavy superchat love action on the live streams or Mindy the kitten gets it.

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Well I tried but it says that it’s not possible from my location. What is that about anyway?

Min. Dollar donation $2.

I’ll help save Kitty’s life for you.

But it simply does not allow to do anything.

Not all Countries are enabled due to currency conversion issues.
If you really wanted to donate, you could get a US IP address on a temporary basis.

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Same here @The_Tone_Arranger Ukraine its not allowed 8-(

Thanks @The_Tone_Arranger :blush:

@Saba and @Bobster I appreciate you both!

Seems only these countries support super chat right now.

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I have a workaround using a Paypal donation badge.

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