Soundcraft Signature vs Signature MTK

Hello! Brand new user here, although I have browsed this forum many times…

I’ve been looking at the Soundcraft Signature series on and off for a while. In fact, it was from watching Mike’s videos that made me aware of the Signature 12 MTK in the first place.

I’ve been a Soundcraft user for many years in my own voice over/commercial production studio, and have been impressed by the build (and sound) quality.

My trusty Spirit M12 has been starting to fail, and I’ve been looking to replace rather than repair, as I would like the USB connectivity of a Signature. Also, the M12 was quite frankly too big for my needs, but it was a steal at the time, having been purchased as B-stock.

Ideally, the Signature 10 is all I need for my studio. However, I am impressed by the multitrack feature of the MTK, but there is no 10MTK, so I would have to go for the 12MTK.
BUT… given my VO/commercial production requirements, I don’t know if there is any need in me having the multitrack version. I tend to either record my own VO, or another VO artist over ISDN / IP, and add music and sound effects afterwards.

What are the advantages of having the MTK over the standard version?

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Hi Craig,

The MTK version gives you the opportunity to record each channel as a different track in your audio editor. It also allows playback of different tracks on different channels (faders). It’s good for music production and also live streaming where, for example, you want your Skype guest on a different channel to your jingle playback.

The 10 will probably have all you need for voice over recording and recording guests. You can use the AUX feature on the 10 desk to record your voice on the left and a guest on the right if you’d like a simple split recording.

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Thanks for the reply, Izabela. Some food for thought, there…

I think the multitrack option is not really something I would use, as up until this point I have never needed that function, although it would possibly be handy to have should the need arise? Future-proofing, in a way. It’s a dilemma!

From reading the MTK literature, I see that the multitrack recording is done pre-EQ, which is unfortunate. It would be good to have the option to record both pre and post. I don’t know if that’s a deal-breaker, or not, as I usually adjust EQ after I’ve recorded a voiceover, anyway. Do you find that an issue, at all?
I assume, however, that I would have the ability record post-EQ from the main output, if required?

The question is do you foresee a chance you’ll need the multitrack recording? If so I’d recommend getting the MTK as the additional cost of the MTK is less than the cost of the signature 10 or signature 12 then finding you need the multitrack recording after all.


Have recently been looking at the Allen & Heath ZEDi-10. Does anyone have experience of this? I’m attracted by the smaller size, but also the multitrack capability.

@CraigyJ I suggest you post as a new topic for more visibility :slight_smile:

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