Sound Card for Internet Radio

Hi Guys,

Some advice would be useful…

I have web station mixer, i like to use as live and (you can override it by USB)

I am looking at playout then streaming, so external or internal card ?

What do you think sound card i should look for, i think semi pro (or better) but not sure which to pick

What do you think please ?

Thank you


First which playout software do you use? Some playout software can stream and play with one card like RADIODJ. But if you don’t use radiodj or some other software that dont have that option,then you need 2 cards. 1 external for playout 1 internal for streaming,but internal in the properties you must set to stereo mix so that internal card can recognize sound from external card (i hope you understand). But there is a plenty tutorials on the youtube also i think that Mike on his channel did make tutorial how to make radio station,but im not sure. Can you explain about web station mixer?

Okay so before you going to buy new soundcard try this. As i see on stationplaylist they have streamer so try this i asume that your mixer in settings have option to chose soundcard because the mixer can connect with usb cable if there is a option,next thing you will do from mixer master output connect to input in soundcard. then with streamer application you can stream. if you dont have that streamer from playlist you can choose something else different streamer,every streamer have option that you can chose soundcard.

Hi Omke, thank you big help …

This si the web station mixer so if i have 2 automation outpouts and then need to return that to the computer to stream - what is the way to and which sounds cards do you think ? You can switch the Web Station over to liive use (line and mics) or none stop vvia USB, allowing you to use such as for production or future Voice Tracking etc. So i think i need sound cards

Okay let’s go simple way. here is a video that can show you hot to setup mixer,as i see this mixer have usb audio codec that is integreated with mixer ( also in this video you have also some tutorials (
in this link you have lots of tutorials how to run internet station you can also contaact them to help you to setup your mixer
overall i think you can do everything what you want with that mixer

Thank You, so still not sure what sound card

Well i will go with audient id44 its excellent studio card

This is from D&R web site about this mixer IT SAYS The USB/Line channels appear on a host PC as soundcard devices making the mixer ideal for playout systems. So clearly this mixer have sound card inside, you don’t need extra sound card. You can send output from that mixer into line in sound card that is in your computer (motherboard) and from that card you can stream sound/signal.

Seems i good biy if kit then…thank you