Software as an alternative to iJingle for podcast intros and outros

Hi. For a number of years, I used Music Radio Creative jingles that I loaded into some software called iJingle and had these audios on some software called iJingle that I had on my Kindle Fire - and used these as part of intros and outros for my podcast.

MRC has just made some new audios for me for my intros and outros. However, iJingle no longer supported. So I am looking for some alternative ways to get the new MRC audios into my podcast. Any help appreciated thanks!

I think I have found an alternative that will work perfectly! I realized yesterday that I can import some files into my Zoom Podtrak P4, and so can use my new MRC files to do this. Then can play them on the P4, add voiceover when I normally do this, etc.

However I do have another question hope some of you can help with. The P4 will only accept WAV 44.1 kHz and 16-bit files - and my new MRC audio files are mp3. I believe I can use Adobe Audition to create WAV files with these characteristics. I would expect that the quality of these new WAV files should be as good or better than the mp3 files. Can you of you reply about this to confirm this? Thanks.

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Hi Tony! Great to hear that you found an alternative with the Zoom Podtrak P4! :tada:

Regarding converting your MP3 files to WAV 44.1 kHz and 16-bit files using Adobe Audition. Yes, you can definitely use Adobe Audition for this purpose.

However - heads up - converting MP3 to WAV won’t improve the quality since MP3 is a lossy format (some data is lost in compression). The WAV file will have the same quality as your original MP3 file but in a format that’s compatible with your P4.

You can always get future orders delivered as WAV files if preferred. Also, remember, modern mixer like those from RODE, Mackie and Tascam have jingle buttons included :smile:

Mike THANKS for this feedback! It is pretty neat that I will be able to put my new MRC intros and outros directly into my Podtrak P4. And I have a few other jingles from you I will also add.