Skype Recording

I just watched the video on recording on Skype for a podcast. I downloaded the latest edition of Skype, logged on, and attempted to record a call. To my surprise there was no record feature when I clicked the + in the corner. Did Skype do away with this feature? I tried using a browser, as well as the Skype app, but to no avail. Am I Missing something?

Thanks for asking this question @Schlep57. It may be that you need to download the specific build from the Skype for Content Creators page.

They are steering in the direction of NDI outputs so it’s great if your DAW supports NDI. Then you can record audio natively.

Hi @Schlep57, where is the video on recording Skype for a podcast? Was it on You Tube or in the member’s area? :slight_smile:

Thank You. I’ll give it a try.

Hey thanks Ray,