Silent tracks after export

What does it mean when one of my tracks in a multitrack project comes out silent in several tries at exporting, even though it plays on playback? I see nothing unusual. Volume envelopes look good. I’m losing my mind.

Did you check the mixer for track/bus muting?

I have no idea what that is but I’ll get on it. :grin:

I still don’t exactly know what your’e talking about, but I do think it led to me solving the problem. You ROCK! Thank you for rushing to help so quickly!

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Some further consideration

if there’s a plug in on the track, with it’s output routed to a bus that’s muted, it will kill the track. E.G. a gate is only on when there is input therefore killing the output.

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Great to hear you’re working out the issue @patrick. Feel free to post a screenshot if you need some more help :slight_smile: