Share Your Fond Retro Audio Memories

I just got a brand new “second hand” Technics cassette deck from eBay. I’m thrilled! What I would have given to own this machine as a teenager :smiley:

What are your fond retro memories of audio players, devices or sounds?

Maybe they simply don’t exist today for better or worse.

As an old radio guy I really miss cart machines although I don’t miss the carts getting chewed and going wobbly half way through :wink:

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Searching for a pencil to rewind cassette tapes!

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That was a RULE @The_Tone_Arranger (Cado) and @Mike … The use of the pencil LOL, I do remember that and really got me nostalgic

I will look up for my Retro things… but remember that today we are not getting old … we are getting “Vintage”


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Speak for yourself !!!

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LOL ok ok mate! :joy::rofl::joy: :wink:

In terms of vinyl what was the best?

33, 45 or… 78?

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Even though the 78 it’s a classic, I think I will be more balance between 45 and the more common format before CD’s… the 33. In my younger days The 45 was just for some singles, but the most commercial was the 33 here in Mexico. There is a statement that says that “the faster the disc spins, the best quality of sound”. I don’t remember that and this time. But I do remember buying a lot of 33’s. I still have some at home. Also I do remember to spin them backwards for those “secret messages” LOL.


If you add 45 and 33 together, you get …

Remember the classic Bee Gees hit How deep is your groove?

Groove depth helped with bass amplitude (remember K-Tel albums with no bass?)
but the shape and quality of the diamond needle mattered more.

Yep! 45, 33 =78

This is getting seriously nerdy! :nerd_face:

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Ha! Let’s talk about mastering.
I cut more fingers than tape at PYE Marble Arch and EMI.

That was really an art for editing (cut the tape). We used the ear and trusting you cut the right place…


On the beat. Not before the beat. Not after the beat. Right on the peak of the wave every time and splice both at the same time to ensure no phase issues.

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