Setting up standard adobe audition for production

How do I get a standard adobe audition just like Mike’s on my pc? How do I get it set up? just as it is on his pc or better? with the presets, library sound effects, and more. If I can get a quotation for it and someone to lead me by the hand all the way to finish; it will be a pleasure.

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Hi @John_Abraham thanks for posting! The first step would be to get the subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud - check details here:

There is really a very minimal setup process as such - you will need to make sure to connect your audio hardware to it.

Certainly if you require help on this Mike does offer one on one coaching:

He will not only be able to set things up for you but also if you are thinking of purchasing his presets he will be able to customise those for your specific usage on the call and answer any questions you may have.

Hope this helps John! Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, Izabela.
I was a bit busy and couldn’t respond to your reply, but I did it as soon as possible.
I just want a cost quotation for the full AU package; which includes the presets, production library, and what do you have. I actually want to submit it to the management of the organization where I work. You don’t want to submit a coarse quotation to management.
Thank you once more.

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No problem at all John, feel free to also drop us a line at - we can provide a quote on an official letter too if that helps?

Kindly send it to this mail address I will process it to what can be understood locally.
Hope to hear from you as soon as usual.

Hi @John_Abraham,

Please email from your email address and include what you would like to be quoted on. MRC will then reply with that information.


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@John_Abraham i hope you will get MRC Presets they are great for radio imaging. From time and working with this presets you will probably tweak it to get that sound that you are looking for and you will probably experimeting with other effects and make your own chains. Also i will recommend that you take one on one coaching with mike.

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