Separate audio/songs from one long audio file

Hey everyone I need help here. I have a long audio of about 10 songs mixed into one long audio file. How can I separate each track and still keep it continuous, but have the ability to skip to the next song like an old CD? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

You will need to use an audio editing software such as Audacity. This could help if you are a beginner: How to Download and Install Audacity - Beginner Step By Step Tutorial - YouTube

Thanks for the response. I am using Adobe Audition 2019. Is there any information on how to do this with that program?

I use audacity for splitting. A cd will be continuously playing while skipping to a new track. You can do it with labels. See e.g. Splitting a recording into separate tracks - Audacity Manual

In audition it is also possible I think, but I never tried it out. In this YouTube movie it is explained by marker ranges: Adobe Audition: Export Marker Ranges to Separate Files - YouTube

Good luck!