Second Set of Imaging For Feedback

Well, here are some bits I put together for my show on my old college station. They had a fund raiser recently, for $25 donation, alumni got to host a 2-hour show on the station. First time I was able to do this and I jumped at the chance. Leading up to it, my mind said, “Dave. Ya need some imaging for this!” So, here is what I created. I would love to hear thoughts, reactions, suggestions. Moving forward, I just want to be able to improve upon what I’ve done so I can make this into a professional gig.

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Sounds very interesting @Dave_Again, making with a funny style rocks! One thing that I will probably do (this is just an opinion) it’s to make a little more dry when it comes to reverb. In some how it reminds me also my time at Radio. I work at a radio station back in the days (several lol). I use to edit directly with the tape the digital “era” was some kind of new stuff at the time, well Cd’s were the main new raw material and the tape machine for recording and editing… Long time indeed".

Great stuff Dave!


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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll have to go back and see if I left myself raw elements to redo them a bit. My original stint in radio was just after CD’s started to take over. This digital age is so much better than how the process was back then.

Thanks again!

So, took me a while to find the time to get back to these. Had to redo my VO portions, as I either never remembered to save the raw recordings, or somehow lost them. Also, a couple of my elements disappeared, but no worries. Redid these two with your feedback in mind. Let me know what you think of the outcome! Thanks!