Scary Halloween Podcast Intro

Have been working on this intro to my Podcast scheduled to upload at the end of the month.

The SFX used here were accumulated from various sources including MRC Free Stuff as was the countdown; as currently my Audition CC knowledge and the time available to develop these elements just doesn’t fully align right now.

The DJ “in the Mix” intro was supplied to order by the MRC production team some months ago.

Anyways, the point here is that it makes good sense to develop imaging skills by utilizing and combining whats freely available online, rather than trying to learn the software inside and out; while also trying to create a library of custom SFX to mix once the skills are acquired.

In Short: Learn by Doing - The result of my latest efforts are contained on the audio clip.

Would be interested in any thoughts / comments that the community have.

Hi Steve,

This is the correct link:

The word “might” is part of the link and therefore an error is reported when clicking on it.

Hey Renato,

Many thanks for spotting that - I really appreciate it

An awesome share by you @Steve_Moore and this indeed does spook me out.

Not to be played late at night :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :wink:

@Mike Many Thanks for the kind words - you are an inspiration to us all. :sunglasses:

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