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@Mike - quick question…

I have been using the new version of Hijack to stream live for about 4/5 months now. As you say it is great and very intuitive.

Very rarely, a mouse click may come out on air. Whilst I can edit if for the podcast in the Audition multitrack session, I’d like to stop it going out live. I think the way forward would be a downward expander. I have measured the amplitude statistics of the click (about -50bd). Any suggestions how to best set it up (being wary not to interfere with quiet passages of music).

And, on the same subject, could I implement any blocks in my Hijack live stream to reduce my breaths? Again, I edit them for the podcast. I can’t think of a way of doing this that would not interfere with the vocals on the music though…but may be I am overlooking something.


Good question @David. Can you run your microphone through a separate channel on Audio Hijack?

This would be the best method as you can then noise gate and downward expand without touching any of the music you play.

Here’s the idea in practice in Adobe Audition:

I haven’t seen if Audio Hijack has its own downward expander but this would be cool to setup on a voice only track running through the software.

hi @Mike - I will take another look at this video - I did re-watch it a few weeks back. No, the stream is all one channel via Hijack. But, you can use AU plug-in’s, so Apples Dynamic Processor is available to me. I have three, live shows weekly and the music varies between commercial new release soul, rare groove soul often from vinyl and the trickiest one, tonights show, straight ahead jazz which tends to have a lot of flavour and texture from the gorgeous Van Gelder Blue Note recordings of the 50’s.

I rarely have a ‘click’ problem but would love to have a process in place to make sure I am covered.

Stop making do with Adobe CC (it’s just a subscription-based editor after all) and get a suite of dedicated broadcast software on a dedicated system to handle the realtime DSP. Then you can record flat pre or post in your format choice and be unaffected by broadcast settings for podcasting or archiving etc.

Check out this

I don’t use Audition for the live shows at all other than recording for the podcast. I broadcast for a large well respected station, so I link to them for the shows

So you just need a clean mic signal path with realtime DSP?

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