RODECaster setup questions

i’m setting up my RODEcaster board to my PC. Windows 10
i’m completely new to anything “Audio” so please bear with me. :smiling_face:

  1. how do i get the audio from the PC into the board. e.g while podcasting i’d like to hear others in the chat
  2. i have no Podcast Transfer Mode option in my microSD Card menu.


Hope you’re enjoying your new mixer!

  1. If it’s the original RØDECaster Pro you should hear computer audio from the fader with a USB icon above it. The second generation will also have this but it will likely be on a ‘virtual’ fader.

  2. You need the ‘Companion App’ installed on your computer. Have you got this? See the information from their website: “First, connect your RØDECaster Pro to a computer via USB and open the Companion App, then set it to ‘Podcast Transfer Mode’ either by navigating to the microSD card settings (tap the card icon from the main screen) or by clicking on the ‘Podcasts’ tab in the Companion App and clicking the ‘Podcast Transfer Mode’ slider.”

hey Mike,
thanks for the tips! i’ve gotten the audio from the PC to work. i also had to alter the “Sound Settings” in Windows to get to work.

i’ve downloaded the Rode connect and RODE central App. but when i launch the Rode Central App it asks “please connect a RODE device to get started”. is there a way to do this? the board is already powered up and working. so i’m not sure what it’s asking me.

Some times for those types of programmes you have to start the programme first and then plug the device in.