Rodecaster Pro and Loopback

Hi. I was wondering if @Mike was going to do any videos regarding the Rodecaster Pro. I picked one up, and since it now was multi-track recording to microSD, it is really invaluable to my setup. However, I want to make use of it with Rogue Amoeba Loopback, sort of how @Mike demonstrated with his Soundcraft Signature 12MTK. I know that the Rodecaster does have a mix-minus, but don’t see it show up in the Loopback software like in his video.

No it won’t show up or should it. You need to run it first through an audio interface and then the interface should show up in Sys. Pref. Audio / Midi Setup. The loopback virtual out is then routed to the audio interface and on to the input channels of the mixer which will give you Skype/System Audio, Desktop, Youtube audio etc.

Thanks so much @The_Tone_Arranger . Thanks to you I figured it out. I took my Scarlett Solo off of my Windows 7 PC and incorporated it into the Mac setup. Now I assign the output from Skype, Facetime, etc… into the Focusrite Scarlett Solo, and feed the output from it directly into the Rodecaster’s TRRS input (which is input 6 for smartphone, ipod, etc.). The Solo captures only the interviewee’s voice, not mine, and My mic is captured on input 1. Using Loopback as the Skype input, the interviewee can hear the music from the Bluetooth music source, and/or the effects pads. Thanks again Cado.