Rodecaster Duo Chat and Audition / Mac

I’ve got an urgent problem with my set-up that I need to solve ASAP.

I’m using the Rodecaster Duo, with a USB-C, into my Mac Book Air.

I record on Audition; the mic is a ShureMV7.

The issue is with recording audio from the Mac, into Audition — specifically for TEAMS and ZOOM which I use to record interviews.

It was working fine, until recently, using the Rodecaster Duo Chat set-up. But… I tinkered with the Adobe settings, and now Audition won’t recognise any audio from the Mac — apart from the Mic!

Mac audio (Spotify, Teams and Zoom etc) is arriving fine at the mixer; I can hear Mac output on the USB 1 Chat fader, but for some reason Audition isn’t picking it up.

I know I can use Bluetooth from phone to record calls, but it’s not ideal.
Any suggestions on Audition settings much appreciated. Screen grab attached.