Rodecaster and DBX286S

Hey Folks.

Just wondering if you could possibly give some advice.

Last year I purchased a dbx286s to have it there for when I wanted to start my youtube videos.
Instead of purchasing an audio interface however, a friend gave me a lend of his rodecaster and he’s considering selling it.

Is it possible to use the dbx286s into the rodecaster for a better sound? I use a rode podmic with the rodecaster.

Any help would be great.

Yes it absolutely is possible @Gary_Byrne and I’d recommend it.

Here’s my comparison video.

I think the dbx 286s vs Rodecaster PRO sound is still better and all you’d need to do is connect your PodMic to the dbx 286s (using XLR to XLR cable). Then the dbx 286s would go out (using TRS to XLR cable) and then into the back of your Rodecaster Pro.



Thank you for your response Mike. That makes perfect sense.

I am going to use this setup as well. So basically it will be the main mic that has the db286 processing it. And then the other kids will be plugged into rodecaster pro directly and I should use the rcp settings to control audio on those. But, my question is this. Since mic one will be plugged into db286 then out to the RCP, do I just leave the settings in rodecaster pro mic one as default? Or do I somehow turn off any settings for rcp mic one?

Lastly. Is there any advice on what to make the settings on db286? Thanks

When you’re in multitrack mode you can Bypass Audio Processing which should give you clean individual channels and then a processed master mix.

As for the dbx 286s there are so many options! I offer consultations to help you get things like this set up if that’s of interest to you? Otherwise, the best place to start is here:

This doesn’t actually work. I’ve tried several different ways. I have a Shure SM7B (XLR) into a Cloudlifter (XLR) into the dbx 286s (XLR). From the dbx, I have a TRS 1/4 out to a mic input on the Rodecaster Pro (XLR) and it doesn’t work. It’s been suggested that I run a TRS from the dbx to the phone input on the Rodecaster (3.5 mm), but that just seems like a terrible solution. Any ideas?

Not sure you need the cloudlifter and the dbx286s but your dbx286s should be going into a mic input on the Rodecaster. If you’re using the dbx286s then turn off processing on the Rodecaster.