Reverse Reverb vs Convolution Reverb with some changes

We all saw the reverse Reverb, looking up if you have a track and you apply the CONVOLUTION REVERB and at the presets you choose STANDING ROOM ONLY. And you change the IMPULSE to REVERSE TUNNEL you will Get a nice similar effect to play with it @Mike, check it out and you tell me what you think about it


Tested and works really good - great catch @Juanmapinker

Here’s the result (look at the spectral frequency display!)

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Hi @Mike I was looking at the replay of the friday’s show and suddendly my post appear at the Live chat and I was so happy… Then you read it and you did not undertand it because it was cut for some reason, I was like mmh, but a few hours ago I receive your reply and I was so excited that you took the time not just for read it. You test it and you like it!!! Thanks!!! I not have the time usually to be at the live show. I normally Get in just to say HI and then go to work, but I see all the replays at night. Thank you for your time to test my tweaks on audition. A big Hug to you and your wife. Sorry about my english but I try to do my best.

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By the way, the image looks fantastic! :+1: