Restoring sound in file processed using noise reduction

Greetings from Canada

I have used a few of your Youtube tutorials before and have found them super helpful. So let me begin with a thank you!

Here’s a current challenge I’m wondering if you have addressed. Can’t seem to spot an answer online anywhere.

I recorded an interview outside-because Covid!

And now I’m trying to reduce some background sound. But in doing so I’ve created some horrid warblly electronic distorted background noise.

I’ve done this over the past few days, amidst multiple edits in a project.

How on earth can I restore the original sound, which is annoying but not as bad as the processed background I accidentally created?

Thinking I musnt be the only person who has done this, and with more people perhaps taping outside this could prove a challenge for others in the future as well!

Might be the stuff of a future tutorial?

Many thanks in advance for your consideration.

Hi Laura, so just to clarify - you are looking to undo the work you have done? If that’s the case sadly very little that can be done - noise reduction reduced audio quality (cuts out some frequencies and yes if overdone can create additional problems). Did you edit inside multitrack or waveform? If inside multitrack it’s easy to take the effects off - if on the waveform sadly not possible :frowning: