Remove background feedback

Hi There!

I’m new here and also a first time audio engineer for a startup podcast.

I’m having issues with some background feedback that persists over the interviewee’s audio track. I’m having a heck of a time trying to remedy it.

Attached is a clip that highlights the issue. From the waveform in Audition, it seems to be occurring at 600 Hz level. There’s an isolated bit of this feedback at the end of the clip.

The audio was captured over a Zoom call using the interviewee’s laptop mic… I know, I know… pandemic.

I’ve tried creating a noise print and using Sound Remover/Noise Reduction, but I’ve reached my proverbial talent wall.

Any ideas/suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks for all the videos Mike… they’ve been extremely useful.


Thanks Marco! You’re right that is quite an annoying background sound. I found it to be at 566 Hz.

Unfortunately as it’s quite dynamic is hard to isolate with Noise Reduction or Sound Remover. The best luck I has was using the Spot Healing Brush tool [B] on it…
Even then I couldn’t catch it all but you probably suspected this to be the case :wink: