Removal of Background Noise

hi any suggestions gratefully received - looking to edit out the background hum and reduce reverb. Thanks D

Hello @David, their is a video that Mike made about this. Hope it helps


How to remove room echo

Hey man.
I had a couple of minutes spare so I gave it a shot.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a long enough segment of just the room ambience so the noise removal tool struggled a bit.
Other than that, I converted it to mono, removed high and low frequencies with EQ, ran a de-esser and did 2 stages of noise gating.
And obviously lots of compression.

Hey @David. I had the same problem as you do and asked Mike about it. Tried gates and expander and helped to some extent. Then Mike recommended this plugin it’s called Zynaptiq Unveil and it works fantastically.

I just ran your example with a preset in Audition and the attached file is the final audio. It still has some reverb but the voices are more focused, intelligible and pleasant to hear.

Check it out

Thanks so much Gavin -appreciate your help


Yeah - I run Zynaptiq - great bit of kit right!

Thanks for your help