Remastering Source Recordings

Hello, Community.

I’m in the process of remastering my friend’s album he recorded in 1980. I noticed that some songs have some crackling and popping in the background. I would like to know how I could eliminate this, using Audition. Any advice would be a huge help. Thank you.

I’m an audiophile with 25 yrs of collecting high end stereo equipment (not that that means much to those who are not), but I eliminate crackles and pops in my vinyl with a few tools I‘ve amassed over time. I offer album cleaning services that are rather effective. First, I use my VPI HW-16.5 Record Cleaner ($800) with VPI solution, and VinylZyme Gold enzyme cleaner. The HW-16.5 then suction vacuums the dirt and cleaners off of the record. Then I use my Audio Desk Pro Ultrasonic Record Cleaner ($3900) over a 6 minute clean and dry cycle. That does the trick in 99% of all cases. Then I place the treated vinyl in a MoFi inner sleeve that is anti-static, and return it. The owner of the vinyl would have to pay for return shipping as well. I normally do this for local record shops in AZ, since I usually take orders for 10-100 albums at a time, with a five-day turnaround.

I also offer the option of recording the album for you through a device I have called a SugarCube SC2 ($3000) to either a WAV or FLAC (Apple lossless) format onto a flash drive or microSD CARD (customer provided). The Sugarcube (SC1 and SC2) is a real-time noise (crackle and pop) remover, designed for vinyl. I have an extensive vinyl collection, and could possibly have your friend’s album in my collection already, but I would need to see that you already own the original, as I don’t like to rob artists of their royalties. All recordings are done via my customized VPI Scoutmaster Signature turntable ($3900) on an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze ($2399) cartridge/stylus. If you want to see a demo of the machines, I will include links…

VPI 16.5 Vacuum Record Cleaner -

SoundStage! Expert Record Care/Cleaning - 6) VPI (Mar. 2019)

Audio Desk Ultrasonic cleaner -

Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner PRO by Audio Desk Systeme

Sweetvinyl Sugarcube SC1 (my SC2 records)

The SugarCube SC-1 say bye-bye to pops and clicks on vinyl!

Sweetvinyl SugarCube SC2

SweetVinyl’s SC-1 and SC-2 Ready For Prime Time

VPI Scoutmaster Signature Turntable -

Julie London / Fly Me to the Moon (VPI Scoutmaster + ortofon MC10W)

Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge -

[Ortofon Cadenza Bronze + VPI Traveler surf vinyl wave …HA HA HA]


I am highly successful with vinyl cleaning noise reduction, yet the owner must understand that no cleaner can eliminate deep scratch noise from a scratched/highly damaged record. I also do not accept vinyl that has deep scratches/gashes as I do not want to damage my Ortofon Cadenza Bronze stylus. With the tools I have, I have restored records from Ebay that are listed in good/fair condition, saving me from having to buy higher-priced copies that are listed as excellent/mint condition. If you want the album recorded to files from the Sugarcube, it hasn’t met vinyl yet that it hasn’t conquered.

I know the prices of my audio equipment may seem exorbitant, but music is very important to me, particularly vinyl, as my family has a prominent recording history and career in the music industry.
If you are interested, I am open to contact.

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Hello. Thanks for the tip. I will keep you in mind for my record cleaning. However, I was talking about is source recordings that were already downloaded.

Adobe Audition should be able to help you with this.

Enable the spectral frequency display and then with the paintbrush tool selected you can “paint” over and remove the offending frequencies from the audio.

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Thanks, my MRC brother. I will give that a try.