Remastering audio to Digital Dolby

Hi, I’m Jessel.

I’m from Trinidad and Tobago and I was wondering if you could help me. I have at home a 5.1 home entertainment system. I am a lover of old latin music and I would like to listen to them in surround sound.

I am not a user of adobe audition or any other editing software as a matter of fact, however I was hoping that you could guide me as to what I could be able to do to be able to have a full appreciation and an immersive experience while listening to the music on my system.

If you could direct me to a particular video or recommend someone to remaster or recode the songs for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Let me know.


For true 5.1 you will need to give the mastered stems to a professional mastering service who will produce a master surround mix. However, a virtual dolby pro logic 5.1 decoder would be a more economic answer or buy a PC 5.1 PCIe soundcard to process the signal then send it to your system. The spacial effect is achieved by delay and widening the stereo field but it does tend to sound artificial when played loud. Have your considered hi quality headphones as an alternative option?

Try here:

Hi @Jessel and welcome to the community. I agree with Cado (The_Tone_Arranger). The dolby pro logic it’s a good and more economic way to your music. I get your idea of your 5.1 system as a good experience, but also with a good headphones as Cado told you and with the help of a Waves Plugin (Waves NX) can have another sound experience.