Redistributing Copyrighted Material Online

@Mike I don’t know if this post goes in here but at the other hand it’s a reply to @Ben_Sound, It’s a link to an american webpage where you can find “Old Radio Shows”, the reason I ask is because maybe this link can go somewhere else. I put this at your judgement, it’s a very cool webpage that I found.

For example, the famous Orson Wells War of the worlds; you know what happend with that audio at 1938. Here is the recreated audio

You might want to check who holds the broadcasting rights to this.

If you refer to the link I upload, I copy/paste the url from the main page “Old time radio”. For each clip they have all the data and also you can download the file. :sunglasses:

Ok but, you are in effect reproducing copyrighted material without permission?

No, because is a link sharing, I did not upload any audio file, I don’t know why when a put it on my comment, the link appears like an audio file instead of URL, you think that I should remove it? I’m not broadcasting at all. It’s kind of Soundcloud I think

@Ben_Sound that’s a bit harsh.

@Juanmapinker leave it up.

It is a link to some audio you found online. If, for example, I post a link to a Katy Perry music video on YouTube here am I breaking copyright law? I don’t think so…

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You should really read up on this for your own peace of mind. Publishing Companies are lawyered up to the eyeballs for file cases for copyright infringements.

In essence, you need permission from the copyright owner/publisher, to redistribute, re-difuse content.

It is harsh.

Read the copyright notice on any record.
it states without prior permission, or without permission, or without written permission etc.
If memory serves, WOTW was released on an album in the States.
So in the chain of events the website is hosting copyrighted material on their servers and then posting a public link for our good friend Juan to redistribute.

Copyrighted content in the public domain is another legal minefield.
That’s why we have to use music clearing houses.

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Just chiming in here with some more info.

  1. is a site for archiving, books, audio, video, magazines, websites etc. Most things uploaded there are either public domain or creative commons zero. Linking to content on is fine.

  2. If the content in question is available freely on the internet, distributing to others as a link is not illegal in terms of copyright. downloading the content from the said website, however, might be illegal. As @Mike said sharing a music video from youtube, is not illegal but downloading it from youtube is. Even then, sharing a link on the internet would not get anyone into serious trouble as no company or individual would go through all the trouble of suing someone over a link on a community forum.


It’s mechanical copyright that applies to records in the US.
If you are not the copyright owner or don’t have permission, then you’re leaving yourself
open to the legalities of copyright infringement.

Broadcasting rights are physical licences issued and priced depending on it’s intended use and there are strict stipulations applied.

A small country pub for example that should be paying SKY £1,500 per month but instead goes down the illegal route of showing football matches can be prosecuted very easily without prior warning.

I agree with all of you but, at the end… I just share a link, nothing to worry about it. The real fun of this is that we transform one topic into another totally different… Lol

Seeing as this has turned into a whole new debate I’ve split this discussion into a new topic.

Interesting discussion!


I don’t think we’re talking about reproducing.
You go straight to jail for that practice.


Fair point, changed the title to something more fitting for the discussion, admittedly depending on the type of redistribution it might also be illegal, but that was one of the things we discussed in here.

I should say though:
None of us are lawyers, so do take legal matters discussed in this thread with a grain of salt and do not use it as legal advice!

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