Recreate this deep voice

How can I create this type of voice?
@Mike what about a tutorial about it?

You can’t recreate this voice. These voice actor have that kind of voice.

Hi Nicky_G

Omke is right in saying that these examples are all using voice actors/talents that have a low to deep sounding voice. These talents also understand that the timing or pacing of the read will help with the overall delivery of the effect that’s required for the audience and how to use a microphones ‘proximity effect’ to help with the low end that we are hearing.

However, due to various reasons (usually cost & time-scale) I and other ‘radio-imagers/sound designers’ have needed to come up with ways of processing the voice to sound more like your examples…

Here is my current favourite processing list to get me into the ballpark. These are all third party plugins so you could use any DAW to reproduce these results.

First an example of a voice to process:-

Here is the processed version:-

This is the plugin list in order of processing:-

Cableguys - HalfTime
Waves - MaxxBass

These first two plugins do all the important work. The remaining plugins below could be substituted by many others. This is what I used in the above example:-

Mathew Lane - TiCo
Arturia - Chorus Dimension-D
Waves - L2

The only other things that are missing are the ducked stereo delay and a reverb but they are only a little bit of ear-candy for the production along with the moody music/sound effects bed.


Some good replies on this so far and as @Omke and @IanT have mentioned the voice actor here is crucial. Good delivery and timing really count for so much.

That said I’d say you’ll need a combination of these 3 main effects:

  • Exciter
  • Chorus/Flange
  • Reverb


Use an exciter plugin like Effects > Special > Mastering > Exciter in Adobe Audition to increase the saturation on the high end of the vocals giving them that clear, crisp and piercing sound.


Experiment with Effects > Modulation. The Chorus of the Flanger effects (set to a low delay time) will give that robotic stereo sound you’re after.


There is a clear reverb tail on the vocals you posted so add something simple like one of the Vocal Reverb presets in Effects > Reverb > Studio Reverb.

Deep Trailer Voice Over Conclusion

You may also want to add on some pitch shift down for ultimate awesomeness but don’t go too nuts or you’ll end up sounding like Darth Vader.

Good luck :sunglasses:

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good starting point, along with other tips.

@Mike wanting to deepen the thing by also doing research on it, how could I research, what is the name of this type of voice?
I ask why I am Italian and surely in English there is a specific term as surely I could find more news about it.