Recording VSTis Into Audition!

I realize the lack of MIDI/Virtual Instrument Support is a hot topic. Be that as it may . . .

What is the simplest, most effective way to record a virtual instrument (either plugin or stand-alone) into Audition?

I have tried many cumbersome workarounds . . . using a second computer’s output, rendering MIDI to Audio in another DAW and dragging it onto an Audition track, experimented with Rogue Amoeba’s Loopback, etc.

All PITAs!

HELP!!! I’ve tried every DAW imaginable and really dig Audition, but I need to get those ToonTrack drums and an occasional synth in there!

I know you guys are recording VSTis in there. Come on, fellas and gals . . . help me out! Reveal your secrets.

I would have said Loopback is a really good way to go for this recording purpose.

Another option (from the same company) is Audio Hijack. It’ll record any device or software you like inside your computer and has the ability to do it natively. This would avoid you needing to setup complex routing into Audition. You could then drag the recorded file into Audition after the event for editing.

Thanks, Mike
I have tried using both Hijack and Loopback. They work most of the time, but I’ve found using another DAW does the same thing . . . I record MIDI, render to Audio, then drag into Audition. This might be the easiest way. I was hoping there was a workaround that wasn’t too complex.

Yep, the simplest and most effective way to record a virtual instrument into Audition is to use a virtual audio cable software to route the audio output of the virtual instrument to a virtual audio input that Audition can recognize and record.

This will allow you to use the virtual instrument as a live input source within Audition and record its audio directly into a new track. Rendering out the MIDI to audio will also work so keep going with that if it works well for you!

What app do you use for the virtual cable? I tried both Rogue Ameoba offerings. One recorded and the other was a virtual cable, but never figured out how to configure it to work. I even wrote their tech support, but no response. I’d love to use Audition exclusively . . . just need the ability to record the virtual stuff in as audio.

I’ve had the most success with Loopback and Soundflower before that. To get started, I open the Loopback app and create a new source by clicking the “+” button in the bottom left corner. Then, I select the app I want to record, and set the source as an input in Adobe Audition’s multitrack.

On PC, I use VB Audio Cable, which is a bit trickier to set up but there are step-by-step YouTube tutorials available to help walk you through the process. I hope this helps!

Mike, many thanks. I’ll give it a go. Tommy