Recording podcast with Zoom H5 in Africa

Hello, I’m going to Africa and want to capture some podcast conversation. I don’t know what type of environments I will be in, so I’ve got my H5 and a windscreen.
Any other advice on equipment I’ll need to get the best audio in less than ideal conditions?
Thanks! Angie

Go for handheld every time and always have an inline attenuator with roll-off in your kit bag.

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I’ve found the RØDE Reporter Dynamic Microphone to be excellent quality for mobile interviews with less than ideal sound conditions.

Watch this comparison and hear the switch from 0:27.

This shows the RØDELink Newsshooter Kit in action but you could just as well go for the microphone only if you’re plugging into a Zoom and recording. The Newsshooter wireless is useful for reporting to camera.

See what you think of my sample here too. This was recorded backstage with a lot of noise happening on stage at the time. The RØDE hardly picked up any of it.

Otherwise you could go for a couple of dynamic mics (for you and a guest). I like the sE V7 (with inbuilt windshield).

@The_Tone_Arranger anything you’d recommend I can’t seem to find an attenuator with roll off. Is this necessary or nice to have?

A -12db cut <100Hz is a must for close source micing in covert or quiet environments or if there’s loud music.

If you are near EMF emissions such as florescent bulbs and general electrical equipment and use a medium to long mic lead in the field, then having a metal clad RF Attenuator in your kit bag will clean up your source and save so much time in post edit. Or you can carry ferrite rings to help reduce the RF or ring mains hum

Thanks, Mike! I will check this out!

Thanks for all this information!!