Recording & Playback of Vocals with Karaoke Music

Hope all are doing good!
I had sent this requirement as stated below, to support email & based on advice from Dominic Bradley, I am posting this question in the forum here.

I am singing songs of legendary Indian playback singer Kishore Kumar for nearly 45 years, which is my great passion.
I am thankful that there are other people in here, passionate about audio/music, from whom I can seek help.
Does anyone know if any song recording player/machine is available in the
market that can do mix, amplify vocals(with Karaoke background track),
while recording has feature to playback the performance, to save it as mp3 file & has USB interface to transfer the file to an external drive/PC?
The Karaoke music track is usually already pre-mixed, so I mainly need
mic input for vocals.
To summarize, I am looking for a recording device that has a few(at
least two) input ports, for voice input via mic, play karaoke/track music so I can record a song over a track, save it as an audio(mp3) file & playback the same.
Kindly let me know.

Hiya Venu

That’s a great question! Would the unit need to be portable, used at gigs. Or just for home//studio use.

Or both?


Hey Justin,

Primarily for home studio use, but it would be great if it is portable as well.

Regards- Venu

A Soundcraft Notepad should do this recording and playback at the same time pretty well. The 5 is the smallest and allows mic input, playback of computer audio, recording (via USB) and playback on speakers via XLR connectors.

Hey Mike,

Thanks for the reply.
However, what you mention requires recording via PC software, whereas I am looking for recording on the device itself & playing it back as well as transferring the audio(mp3) file to PC via USB to play it via media player.

You could potentially send an output to a Zoom recorder bypassing the need for any computer.

Thanks again.
Are you saying, I need to use both Soundcraft & Zoom?

The Zoom would allow you to set recording levels on its own.

However, if you’d like more granular control (e.g. mixing volumes easily, EQ etc.) a Soundcraft will work and allow you to send outputs to a couple of places like Zoom recorder and external speakers.