Recording and editing in multitrack

Hi, a quick question as I am very new to Audition. When I record in the multitrack and edit in a wave from it sounds great but when I go back to the multitrack it’s like I didn’t do anything. What am I doing wrong?

Check the manual for destructive and non-destructive editing and turn your auto-save on.

Agreed with @The_Tone_Arranger. Waveform view and multitrack view are essentially like two different apps merged to work together well. Waveform is good for detailed and destructive audio editing. Multitrack allows for non-destructive editing and mixing of multiple audio clips.

Changes made to a waveform should update in multitrack but edits made in multitrack will not change the original waveform.

Thank You so much, I will try this!!

Thank You so much, I will try this!! Also, I am learning so much from your YouTube tutorials, Thank You for those as well

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