Recording Alternative to Using Skype

Hi! I have used Skype for creating podcast audio for many years, but Skype has become very unreliable. I also use a Zoom Podtrak P4 for pulling in the audio through Skype.

I am looking for options for the best different way to pull in audio. I have heard that is a good way to do this. Maybe there are others. Hope some of you can provide suggestions and help.

I think if I use Riverside, may not even need to use the Podtrak for recording. But not sure yet.

Thank you. Tony Wright

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Great question @TonyGIG - 100% recommend Riverside - great service, works and does what it says easily. Many of our clients use it and it’s our go to for this.

If you are after alternatives then this article here may help too - we have gone in detail through all available options: Podcast Recording - Tools for Recording a Podcast Interview

We love and it is a popular alternative to Skype for remote podcast recording. It allows multiple guests to join a recording session and record their audio locally, which can then be synced and mixed together in the cloud. This can help improve audio quality and reduce issues with latency and dropped connections.

Another option would be to use a digital audio workstation (DAW) software like Adobe Audition. This would require each guest to record their own audio locally and then send it to you, but it would give you more control over the final mix and editing.

If you choose to use Riverside you may not need to use the Podtrak for recording. But it’s worth testing the audio quality and seeing if it meets your needs before making a decision.

Mike thanks! Yes so far I love Riverside. I may in fact get to the point of not having to use Podtrak, though can see it as an alternative sometimes where someone cannot use Chrome browser and I have to do interview through cell phone. So far audio quality pretty good, not as good yet when I have used Podtrak but probably becuase I do not know yet all what I need to do with Riverside. Tony