Production assistance for Adobe Audition 3

Hi there!

You tweeted the other day about how to isolate vocals in Audacity and you have other pages on using that software.

Elsewhere you offer advise - and presets - for the latest version of Adobe Audition.

I’m sure many of us are still using AA3. Is there any chance you could port these tips for that version, please. Also, would the presets work in AA3? (I don’t know if the file format might have changed in subsequent versions!


Many thanks for your question Carl!

Unfortunately as Adobe Audition 3 is no longer a supported software by Adobe we have taken a decision not to post any further updates about it (it just doesn’t make sense from the content creation cost/benefit post of view :frowning: ) - in addition many of the tools inside are now outdated and better alternatives exist. As to how to isolate vocals we have recently covered this free tool here: Separate Vocals from Music WITHOUT Audio Knowledge? That's EASY with this Online Tool! - YouTube (it is web based so independent of your audio editor). There is a video specific to Adobe Audition too (although not sure if it would work in AA3) - How to Extract Vocals or Instrumental Music From a Mix - Adobe Audition Tutorial - YouTube Hope this makes sense and that one of the above helps you :slight_smile:

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That’s disappointing, but understandable I guess.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, Izabela. :+1:

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