Pro Podcast Preset: Error message - Two effects are missing

When I open my Pro Podcast Presets to record, I’ve been getting an error message saying that two effects are missing. I can include a screenshot, if that helps. The word “Denoiser” appears in the effects rack, but is grayed out and can’t be accessed. Did I miss an update? Am I creating a problem where there is none? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Go into the creative cloud app and update. The presets you’re using a designed to run on the latest update.

@SteveCorda the presets are designed to work with the latest Adobe Audition CC version - you will need to make sure to update to that in order to be able to use the effects that are missing :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

Thank you! You were exactly right. Was assuming auto updates, and hadn’t gone into the app to update. Solved a couple of problems. Much appreciated, Steve

Thank you! That was exactly the problem. I’d assumed auto updated - absolute beginner move. Solved a couple of problems. Much appreciated, Steve

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That’s great and you will likely find a lot of nice improvements there too for your Adobe Audition flow in general!