Presets distorting sound slightly

So I am using Mike’s presets in Adobe Audition. I have the “correct internal mic” option selected to apply the full suite of corrections. I used a cheapish lav mic.

Original before Audition:

Distorted after Audition:

Can anyone suggest what tweak I need to make to get it to work please? It sounds better for the most part but there’s a weird “drifting in and out” effect that is really distracting and ruins the audio unfortunately.

I’m guessing it’s because I have applied the full whack to half decent audio but am not sure where to go from here…

TIA Jonathan

Hi @jonhamil and thanks for sharing the samples. I hear exactly what you mean witth the “drifting in and out” esentailly pulling up the background noise from your recording.

My gut would be dial down or disable compression or the Speech Volume Leveler effect (if enabled please disable it and see if that helps).

Otherwise do share a screenshot or two so I can look further. Thanks!