Preparing your booth or home studio - DIY

Any ideas to make your own home studio sound better?

Get some acoustic foam up on the walls. That’s an easy win!

Remember you’ll need plenty of adhesive spray for this :wink:

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Start with defining the problem you’re having.

Loads of help on here.



Hi Ben, I have a small home studio at my place. But I have so many rumbles for example. I know that the goal it’s not to “kill” sound, but instead balance it. Mike advise me the accoustic foam, but, how much thin or not it should be? Thanks

The foam is not used for sound-proofing.
It just absorbs mid to high frequencies.
Hard surfaces disperses sound and soft furnishings absorbs them.

Now you mention rumble: Are you on a wooden floor?
Are you suffering from bleed-through?

Acoustic treatment may be required.
Check out GIK in the UK. They are Brilliant.
First record a vocal track as you normally would without any vocals on it and play it back to define the problem(s) tagging @Joe_Salmi Acoustic Treatment link.

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Believe it or not I watched a video one time on Youtube where a guy tested the absorption of sound using different materials. With that being said, he found, and we’re actually making these now, square pads made from used towels that we will hang on the front side of our balcony at church.
Here, watch this video it’s pretty informational


We have 3 Indian Righneck Parrot at our home!! Is this possible to make a soundproof room so their voice can’t be recorded in the background?

NOOOO, just wanted to share this vid ^^

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