Premiere Pro Presets - No Difference After Applying

PROBLEM: You have followed all the steps, applied presets to your audio clip inside Premiere Pro and absolutely NO changes have been made to the sound of the audio.

SOLUTION: "Audio presets will behave oddly if you apply them to a clip that has different channel mapping than the preset was created for.

So if you create the preset using a mono clip, it won’t work correctly if you apply it to a stereo clip, or vice versa."

Note: All the presets from Music Radio Creative were created on stereo clips so won’t work on mono clips. The way to get the presets to work would be to ensure that your audio clip is stereo before applying the presets to it.

In Adobe Premiere Pro, you can convert a mono audio clip to stereo by following these steps:

  1. Import the mono audio clip into your project.

  2. Right-click on the audio clip in the project panel (not the sequence) and select “Audio Channels” from the menu.

  3. In the Audio Channels dialog box, select “Stereo” from the drop-down menu.

  4. The audio clip will now be converted to stereo and will appear in the timeline with two audio channels.

  5. You can now apply our Adobe Premiere Pro Audio Presets with success :raised_hands:

I would just like to add that Premiere Pro likes the file to be mono, 48000 Hz sample rate! very fussy with what it likes but that works like a dream every time!

My clip channel format was already stereo, so this doesn’t work unfortunately. It seems that the Heil PR-40 only records to the right hand side.

If Heil PR40 records on the right only then the file is mono, not stereo - you will need to convert it to stereo before the presets will work. Let us know if you need any help with that although the process above explains how to convert.

I tried to convert the file using the directions above, but my settings for the mono clip are already set as the instructions detail for stereo, so no conversion happens.

When you try to use shared audio presets in Adobe Premiere Pro you may encounter some issues. These presets were created with a specific type of audio, such as stereo, 48000 Hz, 32-bit (float) audio. So, if the audio clips you’re trying to apply the presets to have different properties like different bit depth, sample rate or channels, the presets may not work as expected. You may also want to make sure the audio is .wav format (it usually is but you may have imported .mp3 or something else). This could be another potential pitfall.

It’s frustrating that Adobe Premiere Pro can be so fussy when it comes to sharing audio presets. It would be great if Adobe could make it easier for users to make use of shared presets and ensure that they work across different audio formats and properties.

I’m having trouble getting presets to work inside Premiere Pro.

The presets have been imported correctly, and when dragging them onto the audio track, the various effects are added to the effect stack. However, all of the settings are reset to Premiere’s Default settings resulting in no changes to the audio file.

I have checked, and the audio file is in Stereo, and the sample rate is 48000Hz and 32-bit - same as Premiere Pro Project.

Here are some screenshots to demonstrate:

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?


A warm welcome to the community @Cysis145 and thank you for taking the time to purchase my presets and try them out for yourself. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with them and understand the frustration when they don’t work and simply show up with defaults added to each effect.

We’ve tried our best to cover all possible issues in this thread but it seems a small set of users continue to get issues. We’re working to try to resolve this issue which sometimes is related to file formats and other times can be related to Adobe Premiere Pro version.

Have you made sure to open your Creative Cloud and ‘Check for Updates’ to ensure you have the very latest build of Adobe Premiere Pro installed?

If you’re able to share your version/build number I’d love to look into this further. Thanks for sharing the screenshots too - very helpful.

Hi Mike,

I was running Version 23.0 (Build 63). I’ve since updated to the latest version 23.3 but still have the same issue.

i have the same issue and tried everything but it always applies default settings not the preset settings

Still suffering issues @THGgnome do send your audio sample to us to test. The presets have been fussy with some audio file types which is a Premiere Pro preset saving issue and beyond my control when creating presets. I will take a look if you send the audio/prproj file you’re working with. Thanks!

@Mike where am i supposed to send it? here it seemingly only allows the upload of mp3 files etc

Best to reach out via out contact page then you can email it in. Thanks!

Furthermore to this thread. If you have a stereo file and the presets don’t work use the above solution to convert to mono. Likewise, if they’re not working on a mono file follow exactly as above and convert to stereo. I wish Premiere wouldn’t be so concerned with the audio channels of a clip for audio presets :smiley: