Premiere/Audition Dolby Digital Surrcode

Hello All,

I’m new to the forum and struggling mightily with something that used to be easy back in the “old days” before streaming ruled the world. I have a project that I need to deliver on Blu-Ray with a DD 5.1 mix. Last time I did this I had my trusty Minnetonka Audio Surrcode and Adobe Encore, neither of which exist in 2023.

I worked out my BD Menu creation and burn hurdle but I now need to create an AC3 surround file to burn onto the disc. As far as I can tell, that ability no longer exists. I talked with Minnetonka Audio and the plugin is discontinued as Adobe no longer supports it.

I can do a 5.1 mix in both PP and AU but how the heck do I get that mix onto a Blu-Ray Disc? I’m in the Adobe Creative Cloud world for all my production work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Writing this kind of information to a Blu-Ray disc is outside of my expertise although I did a little digging. This thread on Reddit is around 10 years old but may contain some helpful information regarding writing the audio in aiff format. Good luck!