Pop music on radio

I listen to a lot of pop music on the dab radio which i find sounds very musical. I heard it should be totally inferior to a cd. I buy the cd of my favorite pop music and to me the music does not sound so good. I have a very high quality cd player but the music is always flat compared to the radio. It seems like the radio adds a little reverb to give it a bigger soundstage but im not sure if they actually do this. I guess the cd sounds more clean but i prefer the compressed sound of the radio. Is there a plugin i could use to give me a similar effect for when i do a copy from a cd or does the radio have a secret that they keep to themselves. Thanks

They use sophisticated audio processing systems such as the Optimod, that applies multi band compression, equalisation and limiting. You can use a genuine Optimod to process your tracks online at audyllic.com Try it out on your favourite track!

Yes @justin65 as @Andy3HG mentions Optimod is the tech behind this amazing sound. It’s a physical hardware processor that radio stations use on their signal. Some plugins and software (like Stereo Tool) tried to introduce digital versions of this.

If you want a quick and dirty “Optimod like” sound on your audio I suggest using Adobe Audition. Select the Multiband Compressor and click the Broadcast preset. That’ll give you some of what you need. You can of course go further with this with the Mastering plugin for instance but this is a solid start.

Ok thanks guys. I will give this a go