Plug Ins from Course

Hello I am in the course for MRC. The podcast one. I am trying to use my plug ins and everything I do there is static.

It does not do it when i use normal multi track.

I have a Lewitt 540s mic. A rode castor BOARD. and a Asus production laptop.

I use Adobe audition.

Please help.

Hi there @joey.landara is this happening with all your audio plugins?

The first thing I’d try is head to Effects > Audio Plug-In Manager and then click Rescan existing plugins to see if they work after this.

I only have your plug ins I am a Newby at plug-ins. Maybe I installed them wrong?

@joey.landara ah that explains it! No plugins are part of the course as such. You are provided with an Adobe Audition template presets. So you don’t install them as plugins. Here is how to save them as part of your template: Saving Presets as a Template

You may also find it helpful to watch the videos and perhaps read the forum here:

Let me know if you have any further questions!