Playing multiple beds/sounds on Rodecaster

Hey Mike, thanks for these videos. I’m just wondering about this hardware, and if it’s possible yet…
At present, I do a recorded radio show using a Presonus Studio192 Mobile to get the mic in, and I have 2 midi devices to play and control audio from Abelton Live. I use Novation Launch Control XL to control the volumes of the sounds I play, and the Novation Launchpad MINI Mk2 is what triggers the sounds.
So, here’s my scenario. For example, I come out of a song, I push play on a music bed and get the levels right on the fly, then I play a snippet of an artist saying something, and mix the audio levels of both the artist and the bed, and when it’s finished, I come back out with just me and the bed and finish the recording.
Can the Rodecaster split it’s hotkeys banks to specific channels or can you reassign faders to be able to do a similar scenario for what I’m doing? Can I play audio from the computer, and have it routed through a channel on the desk and still allow me to do the above listed scenario? I can see that you can have multiple inputs in audition (as outputs from the roadcasters), but can the rodecaster accept multiple inputs (as outputs from Audition, or Abelton)?
I also just saw the new beta firmware announced before too.
Anyway, a few questions, but I thought you may know. Cheers,