I recently purchased the MRC Presets V3, I love the features, but every time I press play there’s a brief second of lag before the audio is played. In the bottom of audition it says “calculating playback”. Do I need to convert all files to 48000/16 bit before using this session?

This is probably a question best answered by @Mike but just to say the standard for audio is 44100 with video using 48000.

I am pinging this question to Mike @Joel_Shimer - he will reply here ASAP!

Hi Joel,

Great to hear you’re enjoying the presets!

Yes, there is a specific sample rate and bit depth that works best for the presets. They’re created to work best with 44100 Hz and at 32 bit (float). Those settings are pretty standard for Audition. If you’re not working like this you can always convert and create new files this way in the future.

Let me know if you need any more help with this.

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