Playback issue after recording voice tracks

Hello Mike,

I am a big fan, and regularly consult your helpful YouTube videos.
I am the host of The CJN Daily, a daily news podcast in Toronto, Canada. We use Adobe Audition to edit and record episodes.
I am having an issue: I use a Mac btw.
Here is the workflow question:
I do my interviews through Audition (using Zoom). I then import the files into Audition, edit the clips, record my intro and extro tracks, and then start putting the whole episode together using Multitrack, When I slide the music track in, it doesn’t play. The playhead moves, but there is no audio. So I resort to shutting things down, and reimporting everything all from scratch and starting over.
What is causing this, and what should I know? It is like Audition can record, and edit, but if I record my voice tracks AFTER editing the interview, it doesn’t seem to like it.

Many thanks for any help you have on this,


Ellin Bessner

Thanks @Ellin. I’d suggest to take a good look at your audio settings. Sometimes the default input and output can be different in multitrack and waveform. They can also change and update if you’ve selected ‘default’ audio device and you use other software on your computer that changes that default.

My best suggestion would be to lock in your input and output devices to a specific audio interface rather than default. You can use this video as a guide to help: