Parallel Compression

and how to set up in AA?

Very easily explained here:

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A great device If you just want to use it to compress the bottom end of a track and add it to the mix manually when required or just apply it to a section in real time.
Remember to leave headroom as fast attacks and transients are hard to catch in post.

To setup in Adobe Audition without summing.

Copy original raw track.
Add single band compressor and set max freq at 180Hz
Do a test play and mix under original.
Change -/+ 180Hz as desired.
This will be different without summing so set everything up first.
Then just have a play around with attack/release times to your liking.
When happy then bus it all up and print track and that will now be your processed track in the mix…

Hey The_Voice_Squad, thanks I know the video from Graham, but I am somehow to silly to make this set up in Audition with sends and output, I do not understand this in AA . How can I send one Track to two Busses?

The Bob Version I have not tried yet but soon. Thanks so long.

Hey Bob, your idea worked goog for me. But regardless I want to know how I can set up the sends and output and busses etc in AA similiar on how in the recordingrevolution video shown. Can anyone help me further?

James Wiltshire from Freemasons Music describes parallel processing in depth in this video. If you want to get right to the details on parallel compression head to 5:27. This is a really helpful tutorial:

Hey Mike, thank you for this Freemasons Video, this is really helpful for my training on this issue and it is very creative because it is not only compression. I have to try out a lot of this ideas.

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