Ozone Imager vs Adobe Stero Expander

Hey @Mike Russell At the risk of being beheaded by throngs of producers, I have a unique question you may be in a perfect position to answer ! Based from the Master Audio Production Class … I installed Ozone Imager into CC 18 as plug-in.

What’s difference between potential stereo expansion in various parts of Adobe Audition & the Ozone Imager?.

In my professional estimation ( such that it is ) the only difference is a visual representation of the multiband stereo expansion. The functionality is the same.

Am I wrong ?

This is a great question @MSJ.

I’d say that there could well be some clever algorithm/machine learning with the Ozone Imager plugin from iZotope.

It certainly feels “fuller” compared to using Stereo Expander in Adobe Audition. I even tested out the Widener inside Effects > Special > Mastering and this was even more subtle than the Stereo Expander.

I’m open to hearing more as these are just guesses from me.

What effect are you going for and which tool feels best to you?

Think of stereo in 3D.

In my case, I feel more comfortable with Ozone. I think that for me it’s more easy to use and visual. But again, that’s my preference.