One of my favourite intros made so far

Here I would like to share one of my favourite intros I have made so far. Let me know your opinions! :slight_smile:


cool!!!0:07~0:08 how the effect is made?

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Nicely done Great sound effect, but it is related to the song, I think it will not get the same effect on another song…What I always try with intro or jingle is that you can use it on every song that comes next.

This is a intro for one of the shows on our Radiostation I made(Sorry it is in Dutch… :D):

It is a start intro, in the instrumental part they can talk…

Next example is a jingle, it tells the listener to write to us by the contact form on our website or leave a message on our facebook(Sorry again dutch language… ):

I hope this make a little bit clear how to use and make intro and jingle.

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Hi Timm, It’s just one of our sung voiceovers with a faint reverse reverb at the start, slight tuning to match the song a little better, and speed increased to match the tempo of the song, we added some extra kick effects on top of the beat of the song to make it sound a little more punchy.

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That’s verry good i love the intro @Rob_Williams very good sounds and timing is brilliant A
++++++ :smiley:

@Dj-Pablo i love that such a punch brilliant A++++ :smiley: