Offline media relinking unclipped / out of sync

Hello! I need to update an older Audition file and see that some of the media is offline. It involved a single track that was spliced into many small segments to clean it the voiceovers, etc. When I relinked it, it just linked the media with it starting at the beginning and running across all of the spliced clips therefor all of the edits are gone, despite the media still being broken into

chunks. Please say there is a way around this so that I don’t have to spend innumerable hours starting from scratch…

Screen shots attached, you’ll see the gaps of silences that are there now, etc.

(I have Audition CS6. I know, I know.)

Thank you!

That is a strange issue and one I haven’t come across before.

You can use the Slip Tool to slip each clip into place but it would take time as you’d have to go one by one.

The other option is to check by what exact time the clips are all out of sync. Next, make a backup copy of the missing linked file in case of an issue. Then simply delete the time from the front of the audio file that is out of sync to bring it back in sync.

I hope you get this resolved it may be that bringing in an old Audition session may cause this issue too.